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Compliance Matters

Being a federal contractor comes with many requirements. It’s confusing and can be difficult to manage. But, it is an important part of your responsibilities as a federal contractor. OFCCP Certification is designed to simplify those requirements and help you identify next steps towards compliance.

What if my organization is not compliant?

Federal contractors are routinely audited by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, an office within the Department of Labor. If audited, your organization would need to produce proof it has an active and complete affirmative action plan. If it does not, it may face conciliation, financial settlements, and loss of federal contracts. 

OFCCP has now implemented a system for certifying whether organizations are complying with affirmative action regulations. Organizations that do not certify are more likely to be selected for audits. In order to certify compliance, federal contractors and subcontractors must, at a minimum, have an active and complete AAP.

About OC

OFCCP Certification is a tool created to help federal contractors check their compliance. It was created by DCI Consulting, a human resources consulting firm. DCI has been providing OFCCP compliance consulting since 2001 and DCI's staff are recognized experts in OFCCP compliance. They have provided solutions to hundreds of employers around affirmative action plan development and implementation, pay equity analyses, employee selection, and OFCCP audit and litigation support.

DCI was motivated to create OFCCP Certification due to the increasing complication of OFCCP compliance. Keeping up with affirmative action regulations is difficult. With an increase regulatory burden and OFCCP zeroing in on non-compliant federal contractors and subcontractors, employers need a simple tool to ensure they are compliant.

More information about DCI is available on their website.